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Book - Sleeping with a Psychopath 

Lockdowns have meant most of us have more time on our hands for relaxation and in my case it meant catching up on some of my books.

This is a must read, you think from the start how could she be so naïve but ................


Podcasts - The Times: Past Imperfect 

Podcasts are a great way to listen to different radio shows, I use ACAST who have a wide and varied selection. A favourite is from The Times called Past Imperfect.


Can early trauma shape future success? Times’ columnists, Rachel Sylvester and Alice Thomson talk to outstanding people about traumatic events in their early life, and the effect they had on their identities, their careers and their drive to succeed.


Music is good for the mind and soul and certainly over the last year or so it has been a gift.  I get most of my music on Spotify and one of my recent finds is Blank & Jones.

Spotify - Blank & Jones 


Box series have been a godsend to many during the lockdowns, myself included, watched several sets and just started The Crown - its fantastic.

Netflix - The Crown