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SW London for the best part of 35 years - it is near enough to the centre of London but has a little bit of a country feel.

Best London Attraction 

The Sky Roof Garden is amazing and when friends visit London I always aim to take them on a visit, the 360 views are fantastic 

Place to live in London 

Would choose Buckingham Palace as it has so much history, amazing  architecture, and the walls have a few stories.

Dislike about London 

Bad manners, it seems to be on the increase and ranges from spitting, litter dropping etc etc 

Lockdown London 

The first lockdown was not as bad as I may have expected and had just finished working in the city so made a bit easier.


Having lived in London for 40 years I have seen some situations but lockdown was like no other.

Getting around London....

Having lived in London for 40 years I suppose I know most of it and would recommend walking as much as possible and if not would go by bus, taxi, tube.

Secret London 

Not so much a secret nowadays but Borough Market, it is fantastic for all things foody. 

Miss about London 

When I leave London for any period of time I don't miss it, in the last year I have been to Central London twice and that was enough.

Best part of London 

I particular like the Docklands, think it may be to do with the new structures and it is so clean.

Place to stay

I have been to a few of the top hotels in London over the years but it would have to be The Dorchester, a sense of loyalty after my seven years there is the 90s.

Favourite London Restaurant ....

A hard one, Blue Elephant Thai Restaurant that was in Fulham for many years was always on the list but sadly lost to development - nowadays tend to do dinner parties at home rather than eat out.