White Tableware

What's in your fridge ?

Going to sound a health freak but far from it - Pineapple, Melon, lots of vegetables, yoghurts.

Food in younger days ? 

No, my husband Jairo is the best cook ever and I could not even begin to compete, that said I have my favourite recipes that he likes and during lockdown we have tried some new dishes.

We always try and make a Saturday night dinner more of an event, we will normally do three courses with a nice wine.

Are you the cook at home ?

My father worked on a farm so we had an a constant supply of milk and vegetables, my Mum made the most delicious vegetable soup and rice pudding. 

We did not have much money so it was very plain eating but do recall a treat was an apple pie. 

Pudding or cheese ?

What do you order in a bar ?

Gin and tonic. If it was pre-dinner drinks somewhere fancy I may look at the gin cocktails. Tranqueray is lovely, or Sipsmith or Bombay Sapphre. 

Top takeaway ?

We are not big fans of takeaways  but have been known in the past to use an Indian in Tooting called Lahore Karahi  - fantastic.

Top comfort food ?

Jalapeno Macaroni and Cheese with Moroccan Breadcrumbs on top. 

I love both ! That's a really difficult choice. But if there's a crumble on the dessert menu, that's what its going to be. 

Favourite Spices 

 Chilli and Tarragon